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Educated at the Universities of Munich and Wales (Swansea)

PhD in English literature 1964 (Thesis on suspense in Shakespeare's plays)

Habilitation in English linguistics 1988 (Thesis on the syntax of adverbials)

Teacher trainee and grammar school teacher in Munich 1962-1972

Author of textbooks for schools and various applied grammar books, intermediate and advanced

Lecturer, Institute of English Philology, University of Munich 1972-1993
Courses in linguistics and language teaching methodology

Teaching spell at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis 1990

Chair of English Linguistics, University of Rostock 1993-2003
and acting chair (after retirement) 2005-2006

Teaching activities in linguistics at the University of Jena winter semester 2006/07 (Lehrauftrag)

Teaching activities in Modern English Linguistics at the University of Munich 2009-2010 (Lehrstuhlvertretung)

Adviser to two-language acquisition programmes at schools (English-Latin, English-French)

Current research on concept linking (verb-mediated constructions, attribution, perspectivizing)


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